Welcome, President Obama

I just watched the inaugural ceremony. I do hope you will join me in praying for the man who now will lead and represent our country. How amazing that the new president escorts the former president to his waiting helicopter to take him into his retirement. Peaceful. Gracious. Amazing that it is the transfer of power of the most powerful country in the world.

Before the oaths were taken, a quartet of violin, cello, clarinet and piano performed an arrangement of the Shaker hymn Simple Gifts, made famous by Aaron Copeland's Appalachian Springs. As I listened to that clear, hopeful melody performed by a Jewish man, a Hispanic woman, a Black man, and an Asian man I thought how incredible a picture of what makes America great.

I love my country. It is a place born of freedom and a place which will not last forever. It is the best things we humans have come up with when it comes to ruling ourselves and it is what we have to endure until my True King comes to reign forever and ever.

I disagree deeply with some of the core things President Obama stands for and desires to accomplish. But he is my president and your president. May we work together and may the Lord use Him for the good of many.