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I like food. I like to cook food. I like to eat food. And one of the things that changes when you move to another country is the food you eat. For sure we have maintained a lot of our American menu items because, well, we don't live in Italy or France or somewhere a class of cuisine originates. We live in Guatemala and while pachas, jocon, pepian and mosh are delicious, most folks (unless you've been to Guatemala) don't probably get a hankering for it. And we eat those things but much of our comfort food has American roots.

And unless you like black beans, eggs and tortillas, you may go hungry once in awhile. However, one thing that has been added to our weekly menu is this:

That's eggs (scrambled), refried black beans, fried potatoes, and corn tortillas. The red, green, and white are taqueria salsa, pica mas (a jalapeƱo sauce) and crema (like sour cream but not sour). And it's one of our favorite things to eat. And Guatemala's love it.

It would be like beans and cornbread in the south. Not fancy, but good. The food people eat. Guatemalan soul food.

And we love it. Look forward to it and if and when we return to the States, we'll make it there. With good corn tortillas. Although Gladys won't be there so, maybe we'll have to switch to flour because no one can make a tortillas like Gladys.

What meal do you look forward to every week?

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Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Pica Mas while visiting Guatemala, but only brought one bottle back with me. Any leads on where it may be found in the U.S.?