Una pausa

Well I took an unannounced week off from the blog. Sorry to all you faithful readers.

We were traveling and doing life and even resting a little. It was a wonderful 2 weeks with Jenny's mom. Not many husbands are sad when their mother in law leaves and I am blessed to say I miss her being here. She and Jenny are about as close as a mom and daughter get and it's wonderful to see them loving and enjoying one another.

Since the last post Jenny and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. I normally write something public telling everyone how wonderful Jenny is and how I am maybe the most blessed among men to have her as my wife. But some words are best shared between husband and wife and left enshrouded in the mystery of marriage. Such are the words this year.

This January is bringing about some strange things in the feelings department. It is the first year I have started where I do not have something really large in front of me. What I mean is that I am not trying to complete something to do something else. I am not trying to finish college or start Seminary or finish Seminary or raise support or move to another country or finish language school. It's been 6 years since Jenny and I decided that the Lord wanted us to head through seminary and we are finally at the point where we are beginning to do what I went to school to do. That's not a long time, but it's not an overnighter.

So I look forward this year as into a broad valley after climbing a few peaks. The Lord doesn't keep us climbing forever. And so I'll walk with the Lord as He lays the foundations for ministry here. Or rather I will begin to do whatever my part is in the ministry He has already begun here in Guatemala. I do not know exactly what He has me to do nor for how long. Only that He has us here and He is with us and has things for us to do. But it's kind of nice to start.

Alright. My Red Raiders are in a fight with the Rebels of Ole Miss. Hope they win it from a tough team.

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