a little trip

I head out today for the Consejo Altiplano which mean High Plains Counsel. Sounds like an old Native American thing. There will be lots of Indian or indegenous folsk there so, maybe it's not to ofar off. Anyway, It's a council of all the CAM churches in western Guatemala. I have no idea how many pastors will be there - a few hundred maybe, but it is an opportunity for me to finally meet some of the pastors I will be serving. I'm so very, very excited to go. It means I'll be away from Jenny and our two fevery children for a night, but I'll be back in 36 hours. So please pray for Jenny.

I will head out this morning with Mike and Ken, other CAM missionaries who have been here 25 and 18 years respectively. Time for the rookie to learn a little from the veterans! We'll go the the counsel, share lunsh with them, then head to Comitancillo (a town some of you are familliar with) and visit with some churches out there. I'll post plenty of pics when I get back.

Hasta viernes.


mutating missionary said...

Prayed and will continue - be safe!and learn lots!

Gerald said...

hey bro, i hope you dont mind me living vicariously through you until we are down there!