It's Saturday!

Our ritual on Saturday morning is for BoyD and I to to get up and rumble (well, he rumbles, I drag a little) downstairs and watch cartoons. Sometimes we watch something in Spanish, sometimes a DVD. This morning's main course is The Land Before Time, known in our home as Littlefoot and Sara.

BoyD always brings a toy or three to help him watch. A golden Hotwheels, a tiny cement mixer and a blue dump truck that zip along the ground when you pull them backwards and let them go and a little John Deere tractor all made the cut. We drink coffee. I take mine with milk. BoyD takes his without coffee. Just warm milk, but we call it coffee.

We sit and talk and I read the news and Jenny gets to sleep past 5:30 for one morning every week. Movies are interactive with our son. To say he asks questions is a little like saying people run during a marathon. He asks about everything except plot holes. And so we hang out for an hour or two until his baby sister beams awake and I get to double my Saturday morning fun.

Littlefoot and his overly cute dino buddies are almost to the great valley and I hear BabyM beaming wake. Time to figure out breakfast.

I wish I could bottle this.


kim elvir said...

hi there. just thought i'd say that you're little boy sounds a lot like ours. Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning.... from some missionaries rather close to you guys (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)

Brandon and Jenny said...

Howdy. You're welcome! I hope you all are doing well in Honduras. Thank you for reading!