It never gets old

It is no secret that missionaries can do what they do only because people and churches give them money. We live in Guatemala because dozens of people and several churches look at what God gives them every month and they give some of it to us. And they don't do it for the tax deduction, although I'm glad they get one.

Every month about this time I get a report of who gave what and when and I put it all into this nifty program I have that keeps all that data nice and neat for me. It is data entry by hand. Anyone who has ever done much of that knows it's not the most exciting thing to do, and yet I do it every month. And it never gets old.

Because every month I get a list of people who love us. And people we love. Many of whom are reading this right now. Every month I sit for a few hours and remember who these people are and what they are struggling with (if I know) and I remember them as I input dates and dollars by their name. I can pray for them and talk to the Lord about them and see every month a visual reminder that we are not alone down here. That God provides for what we need. And we have the unique and beautiful opportunity to have that provision given to us by the generosity of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Because it's no secret how we're here.

I am a blessed man indeed.

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Brandon and Jenny said...

Thank you everyone who gives and prays.