Great movies

This Saturday's early morning matinée is Cars, the Pixar animated film.

I'm not sure how many times I have watched it with my son - maybe 10 or 15 times if I add in plane flights and road trips - but we've seen it a lot, almost as many times as Toy Story 2.

I am amazed at how good the folks are at Pixar. They amaze me. The animation is peerless, but their ability to create a mood, a genre, for the whole movie and even scenes within the movie, is amazing. From music to the characters, voice actors, and the detail of their animation they are able to create and maintain a depth of emotion rarely found in film. Cars and Toy Story (maybe because I have seen them so many times) have, in particular, done an amazing job at capturing the essense of a particular time. Cars grabs the nostalgia of the 50s, the importance of community and realtionships. Toy Story the joy, simplicty and purity of a child and his toys.

They're all cartoons. But they so something that great movies always do: The make us think. And these 2 movies make us think about something good and nice and fun. We could use a little more good, nice and fun in our world.

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Schweers' Mom said...

My younger son watched Toy Story more times than I could count! It really is a cute movie. I miss the days of animated films. I just haven't gotten into James Bond as much as Disney classics.