vacations are funny things


Jenny's mom is coming for 2 weeks this Wednesday. She'll be here for BoyD and Jenny's birthdays, Christmas and our anniversary. We're so excited to have her here in Guatemala with our family. It will just be fun.

But I'm taking that time off which means the days before are crammed. I need to do a weeks worth of work on Monday and Tuesday. That doesn't count the honey-do list (which I have neglected to my doom!)

But it's fun and life is busy so I either roll with it or get buried.

Vacations are always sort of strange. I know we need to take them, but it always seems like they are sandwiched between times of frantic work. Before, you have to get ready to be gone. After you get back, you have to catch up. This is a little different because I'll actually be home so I can do some things.

Then there are the heroes of our work force - small business owners like my brother Ian. Who work 70-80 hours every week just to pay taxes and payroll. My dad, uncle, Jenny's mom, Jenny's brother, half the elders at CBC and many of the people I hold in highest regard all owned small businesses at one time and I have seen how much work you people put in.

So here's to you who own a small business! You are what makes our economy run. Thank you for all the hard work you put in. Do you get vacations? HA! Sometimes. Maybe. At least I hope you get a few days off for Christmas. You of all folks deserve it.

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