Merry Christmas!

I stayed up just so I could post at midnight! No. No I did not.

Cultural discovery is a splendid thing.

Here in Guatemala, very clearly I know understand, at Midnight on Christmas the ENTIRE COUNTRY shoots off fireworks. I mean it was shock and awe. We've never seen anything like it. It's pretty well died down but our whole valley is smoky and we smell gunpowder thick in the air. It was like we were London or Berlin or Tokyo during WWII. Utterly relentless bombardment. What looks like the inside of a super nova, sounds like inside thunder, and smells like the bowels of a canon? A Guatemalan Christmas! Boomingly, blazingly, blastastic.

So, Happy Birthday, Jesus! Guatemala just blew off enough ordinance level the Rockies.

Thank you Lord for keeping our kids asleep through that. Utterly amazing.

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Susan M said...

Wow! That sounds so amazing! And to think that your kids slept through it is even more amazing! My girls would have been awake and terrified. Another thing that just dawned on me is that they are shooting them off in the city, is that right? No laws about having to go out into the countryside to shoot fireworks? Sounds like fun!