I'm glad I don't play for the Cowboys

Fox Sports broadcasts most of the Cowboys games here in Guatemala. It's nice to see them. I've been a fan since, well, since I was a football fan.

Today I am watching them be beaten like a rented donkey. I must say that it's a little sad to see. I must also say that I am so very glad no one is paying me a million dollars a year and expecting me to actually earn my money. I know that guys like Tony Romo get paid bucket fulls of money to play a game that has no eternal value. I know that I get paid slightly less to do something of eternal value.

But I don't have angry fans. Or media folk. Or the hopes of millions upon my shoulders. And I mean, they are imploding today for all to see. Whew. I know it's these guys jobs and they take it very seriously. And I will watch the entire game because I won't see them play for a lone time. But today I am glad I'm just a guy that is not famous. And does not have to answer questions like, "How can you make that many mistakes?"

Poor Cowboys.

I hope I don't write a similar post during the Cotton Bowl.


Anonymous said...

You missed the parallel, You are promised to not be loved by everyone, but hated. The hopes of millions of people are in "your" influence "by God's Sprit that lives in you". Remember you are on God's real team, and I am sure you will have days that you feel like you lost it all! Not to worry, it was just the season. Mike McMaster

angelface0721 said...

"I am watching them be beaten like a rented donkey."<-- dont know where you come up with stuff like this...but its pure greatness. you definitely had me chuckling out loud. :]