I have nothing profound to say

I realize that I'm supposed to have deep things this time of year. I did, but they fell out and I haven't put them back in yet.

BoyD's birthday party was a hoot. Jenny will post some pics. A dinosaur pinata bigger than him. What a hoot. We took yesterday to get a little shopping and resting in. Sunday's are great.

Ok. This is our first opportunity to do Christmas shopping without the kiddos so we're off. It's surprisingly similar here - crowed malls, too much stuff, Santa and even Christmas music in English. It's amazing to see what the USA exports unintentionally.


Anonymous said...

Well, what can one say to two such important people? Oops, forgot the kids!!

I should have commented sooner on how much I enjoy the blog, but, well ... the best of intents.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you Guys! God's richest blessings. I pledge even in this economy to try to continue my support - not because of how much I value you - I do - because of your work and your committment to His work.

By supporting you I feel in some minute, microscopic way perhaps I'm an earthly encouragement to you and your ministry.

Love, Paul Floyd, Stephanie, Brian

Brandon and Jenny said...

I feel like you just hugged my whole family and told us that you love us and that we are here for some good purpose and to keep our chins up and rest in the Lord. If that's what you mean by encouragement, then yes, you have, not-so-microscopically, done so.

We love you three. And the Merriest of Christmases to you! May the Lord continue to lavish you with His love and blessing.