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Have you ever read Psalm 119?

If not, you can sit down and in less time than it takes to sit through the commercials in a sitcom you can read the longest chapter in the Bible.

I know they're all good, but some of the Psalms are like seeing an old friend every time I revisit them. 119 is an acrostic (like SPCA or SEALS) and it's the product of hours upon hours of loving labor at the hands of a poet who loves God deeply and out of that love flows a love for God's word. And when I come to it again, there is always a comfort, a familiarity. Like with an old friend, you just pick up the relationship where it left off.

Something I started doing, oh, I don't know, a few years back, is praying through the psalm. Not at once, I just take it in 24 verse hunks (3 groups of 8 verses, once for each letter of the acrostic) and I read it and talk to the Lord according to what's in the verses.

See, it's a Psalm about God's word, about His commandments and statutes and ordinances. All stuffy, lifeless words. But God doesn't do anything with me outside of the context of His relationship with me. And so as I love the Author I love His words. Only He can take stuffy and make it life giving and refreshing. And I need refreshing! Good grief, I need it. Every day.

God's word is so. . .well it's incredible. I can't think of a word with enough emotion that isn't a cuss word, but it's so fantastic that He has given us His word and I have it in English where there are WAY more translations than we need. Other people in the world don't even have one translation of the Bible in their language. Most only have a few. And yet we have more than we could ever need and still don't read it! How silly for us to have to much of everything and still find ourselves bored.

Anyway, my favorite verse remains 68,

"You are good, and what you do is good;
teach me your decrees."

I love this because I hang my hat on the fact that God is good. If he's not good, we're screwed. In a really bad way. But He IS good. No matter what. And He wants to teach us about Himself. Whew. What a wonderful way to be.

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Gerald said...

I have just been turned onto praying through the Psalms after reading an article on the subject. It is amazing to be able to use the same words that David, Moses, Solomon and some other writers used to speak of God.