good news, and now to the doctor

So the meeting went great yesterday. We have a great start for our pilot program. a LOT of great input from the pastors and great interest and excitement. They want training ranging from sex education (about AIDS, etc) to church discipline. We won't be short on things to do.

One of the things they asked was, "who will teach the courses?" and we told them, "Well, we'll start, but YOU will teach them. There's only 5 of us. We need you to do it." They were surprised and I think excited about that.

But, wheew, there are a lot of problems. I'll get into that later.

For now, I have to go to the doctor. I ate some sausage and tortillas the ladies made for us and was sick last night so it's off to the gastrointestinologist for some prodding and uncomfortable questions and hopefully some relief!


"Cool Christian" said...

Be very careful and take very close notes as to the food you eat and that makes you sick. These kinds of sicknesses are dangerous if they continue to occur. It may come to a point to where your digestion track becomes easily upset and super sensitive and it may not be bacterial related at all although in the beginning it could have easily been. Your digestion is your health, your lifeline, but I'm sure you already know this. If this becomes frequent, you will need to go to a very, very basic diet.

God bless.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey, CC,

Thanks for the advice. I really ought to keep a food log of some sort. It's one of the hardest things to say, "no" to when poor people work really hard to make food for you. I've been thinking of taking pepto as a prophylactic before I go out and eat food in the boonies. It's worked before.

RE: basic diet - bleah! I hope it doesn't come to that. I mean, I cut greasy food and don't drink as much coffee. And that helps. I ate both greasy and spicy yesterday so that might have done me in. Who knows.

I'm already at the "easily upset" stage, unfortunately. A bummer because i used to have a iron gut - ate spicy food, and LOVE it. Anyway, got some meds to settle things down and I will be watching what I eat. Just hard when I'm not at home like yesterday.

Thanks for you concern! If you read something you thing would be beneficial please pass it on to me.

"Cool Christian" said...

As for me, I would get sick and it wasn't anything in particular. A food log actually didn't help me. I really suffered while living in Nicaragua. It took me about two years to recover to a normal gut. ( I eventually left and recovered back home). I had diarrhea on and off for months and it eventually took its toll. No parasites, nothing by the way. Pepto Bismal which is sold in certain parts of latin america was my miracle drug. I took one to two pills daily for almost 3/4 of a year. I went from a strong young man to feeble and week. I asked doctors whether that was dangerous or not to take the drug long term... no one ever really gave me a straight answer. I even tried to contact the company that manufactures the medicine and they wouldn't get back with me.

You will have to learn how to turn people down. It's not pleasant but something you will need to do. Tell them that you have an intestinal disease because I would argue that if you get dependent on medicine to keep you "normal" you do have a disease in the since of a serious illness.

P.S. Be careful about giving pepto to babies.

Hey there are always worse things to deal with like the Besa de muerte that is common with indigenous people in South America

Brandon and Jenny said...

I'm taking something to restore the beneficial bacterial flora in my gut. Hopefully that will work. But you're right, if I have to take something to remain normal, that would be a problem.

So what's your story? Why did you move around? MK? Military? Where all did you live in Spain and LA?