Day trip

Today I'm headed a few hours away to meet with a few other CAM missionaries and 25 or so pastors to ask them what struggles they are having, what things they need help with and how can we encourage them. Hopefully we'll take what they tell us and be able to write some training curriculum that will be of some benefit.

Please pray for safety for those traveling and that the Holy Spirit would help us enjoy a time of fellowship. And that the pastors would he honest and transparent in their answers. And for Jenny and the kids.

I'm really excited! God is so much fun.


Hollywood said...

Hey Brandon. To dispense of the formalities...I met you on Brent's blog...The McKinney Diner.

Your dialogue with "Cool Christian" was very thoughtful...frankly I could see why he would have mistaken you for was very mature.

I was Brent's roommate at Auburn for 3 years. He shared the Gospel with me and is one of the harvesters of my faith.

My wife and I have a heart for Guatemalla. We adopted our 6th child, Henry, from Guatemalla in October 2007...the process started in August 2006 when he was a few weeks old.

He's actually El Salvadorian, but born in Guatemala City. He was his mother's sixth child and she was a single mom, cleaning houses in Guatemala City, with Grandma raising the other 5 in El Salvadore...Grandma said "no mas" so Henry ended up with an agency at the same time God was calling us to adopt.

For me the adoption seed was planted when my oldest daughter and I went with Brent's church to Juarez on his youth mission trip.

My wife and I have been to Guatemala twice through the process, and are praying about a short term missions trip for the family (8 of us, children 16 to 2) to do during Spring Break.

I'd love to hear more about your ministry and any thoughts you have on Family Mission Trips.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey Hal,

Thank you for your very gracious compliment. At least that's how I took it.

How wonderful that Henry is from Guatemala! We were leaving the country when you were here in 2007. Did you stay at the Marriott?

Unfortunately, we will be out of the country during Spring Break. Actually, I'm not sure when your is - but we'll be gone mid March.

Let me think of what a family of 8 could do. There are a lot of ministries right near Guatemala city and we know a bunch of missionaries there. What type of thing were you considering?

As for what I do, I work with CAM International and I'm doing non-formal leadership development. I (and other folks) are training pastors and elders (and anyond in leadership at a church) to be more effective in ministry. It's called non-formal because it does not lead to a degree although there's curriculum and classes. It's a broad range of topics depending on the needs of the churches, but all of it is discipleship centered Bible teaching. Jenny actually works at an orphanage in Xela (where we live - 4 hours from Guatemala City)

As for my thoughts on family mission trips - DO THEM! What an amazing and fantastic idea. 6 kids! We'd love more but 2 under 3 is enough for now. We too would love to adopt a baby from here.

Thanks again, brother, for your questions an interest and heart for Guatemala. It is a wonderful place.