Pollo Campero (Guatemala's fried chicken king) hosts a festival of lights every Christmas with a big fireworks show. They set up a stage, block off the main street and shoot off a bunch of fireworks way too close to large groups of people. It was great. And free.

I mean, they really did a show. I don't know if fireworks are cheaper here but they used a bunch of 'em. And probably not far enough away. While we were just outside of the fall out zone there had to have been some singed Guatemalans. In the states some one would have written letters to the newspaper or yelled at someone ala July 4th in Flower Mound this year. Here folks just roll with things a little better. They also can't believe we spayed our dog when there are hundreds of rogue dogs running around. Shrug.

Anyway, it was a hoot.

And if you would like to try a taste of Guatemalan's finest export, click the link above or head to:

2830 State Highway 121
Euless, TX 76034
Ph: (817) 283-4454

And order the traditional, not extra crispy. If they have the green sauce, try it!

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Nathan said...

Pollo = Heaven

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