A wonderful day

Today the citizens of the United States of America have the incredible opportunity to do something unique. You get to vote.

For as much as Americans complain about politics and government and the media and ______, we have the opportunity, the right and the power to enter that voting booth and say, "I want this person to govern me."

That's amazing.

Please realize that the whole world does not have that freedom. And most of history has not. Guatemalan elections are quite a bit different. The government impossibly corrupt. The people often uneducated and and desperate. And yet they get out there and vote. You ladies out there have only had the right to vote since 1919 and that right was hard fought. Can you imagine not having the right to enter that voting booth?

We live in a land of historically unimaginable freedom. We live in a land of unparalleled equality. We live in a land of remarkably un-corrupted government. And it is the responsibility of the governed, the vote caster, the person that collectively makes up "we the people" to either speak their piece or hold it forever.

So go vote! I don't even care which candidate you vote for. Sure, I have my choice, my reasons, my piece to speak, but you do too! Use that brain of yours, think of who you want to govern you, and then exercise your very wonderful and sought after right to vote.

At least by tomorrow (hopefully) we'll be done with the campaigns!

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