the weather

Is it lame to talk about the weather if you're a meteorologist?

I'm not, but, anyway.

Just wanted you DFW area folks to know that your current weather is what the weather is like in Xela every day. Even in August. Of course it's in Guatemala so, there's always that.

Also I thought I was going rather well in Spanish until I tried to read the Op-Ed page of the paper and realized I have so very far to go.

Since yesterday, I have read most of The Shack and I must say my attitude is greatly improved. I'm not all the way through it, but my initial reaction is: WOW. What a wonderful book (thus far - I'm told it remains wonderful). It's a Big God book and I like those kind of books. Not a book where our job is to figure God out and explain Him to inquiring minds but a book where our job is to love and be loved by God. I like that.

I rekon I'll give a little review on it when I'm done but for now I'd say read it. Unless you already have. your Bible.

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Alicia said...

I read The Shack awhile back because of the hype. Wow. I was very surprised as I was planning on hating it. I thought it was an incredibly thought-provoking book. And any book that leaves one hungry for Him is a worthy read. I'm a little disappointed in the author's 'evangelic' movement, however. I think he is slightly misguided in his Missy Project as the focus of the movement is not God, but more of a sense of spiritual enlightenment. But hopefully people will forget to read about that whole thing and instead seek Truth in Scripture as a result of this book. I loved it and refer to it often. It really challenged me to dig deep into my faith. I hope you enjoy it!