I know it's cheating to post and tell the reader to go to another blog. But here it is. Head to Jenny's blog for a fun update on some events here in Guatemala. We harvested corn.

We also bought a 25 lb turkey today for Thanksgiving or Dia de la accion de gracia. Too many words in Spanish. We might have close to 40 folks over so I hope it's enough turkey. We couldn't find a bigger one. Oh, and it's a Butterball. They're all imported. And frozen.

Here's 5 uses for a frozen turkey:

1. Kenetic energy weapon. And a cool one at that.
2. Replacement curling stone. But a poor one.
3. Um, thaw it and cook it and eat it?
4. Plug for seal breathing holes.
5. Very bad hockey goalie. Unless you had a bunch of them.

And with that I'm leaving to review object, reflexive, impersonal and reciprocal pronouns.


Justin and Michelle said...

You misspelled 'Kinetic'.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Excellent. My first use for the turkey was going to be, "Hurl at people who can't spell" but I'm glad I changed it.