to say

We're having folks over for Thanksgiving dinner. We've invited 35 or 40 and we hope most of them come. It's a mix of missionaries, Catholics, Protestants and folks who don't fit into one of those categories but love the Lord. Wealthy and poor. Lost and found. Guatemalan, Canadian, 4 Americans and a Spaniard.

I want to tell the folks why we celebrate Thanksgiving in the States. The history, the story. I'll get to use all my newfangled verb tenses. But somehow I sense very deeply that the message of the gospel - the real gospel - must be presented to people who all claim to know it.

But I refuse to bait-and-switch. I refuse to invite folks over and then preach at them. I refuse to ignore the opportunity.

And so today I'll write something out and spend tomorrow making sure what I want to say is actually being communicated. And I'll pray a lot and ask the Lord to help me say what He wants me to say - even if it doesn't involve turkeys and pilgrims. And then we'll see.

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