Simple things

Ever noticed how simple things can bring a lot of joy?

Here's a few from me:

- Beans and cornbread. Cost $.75 and man, we really like it in our house. Simple.
- Sleeping through the night. A seemingly simple thing but when you don't' get it for awhile, whew.
- BabyM's chipmunk smile. She got huge teeth now.
- Hot showers. If you don't get this one imagine them not hot.
- Kisses from a toddler.
- A fire. Outside. At night. When its crisp.
- Toast. It's amazing the difference it makes when compared to just plain bread.
- Cat's purring. It's a mystery but it's cool.
- Diapers that work. Just read the previous blog to see why that one's in here.
- Singing. hymns, U2, whatever. It''s good.
- Cold milk. I know this is like the toast example, but wetter. And dairy.
- Children's laughter. We lived off of it here in the Scott house.

But all these things are simple. And we live in a world that seems to be getting more and more complicated. With a few exceptions these things have been available for us humans for a very long time. And I don't have to go into debt to enjoy them. Enjoy. That's a word we seem to have too little of. And life is frustrating enough without enjoying something - good. And simple. Anyway.

What are some things that you enjoy? Take some of mine. They're free! I'd love to hear a few of yours. Unless they're not fun. Then please don't put them. Weird is good, but not not-fun.


Justin said...

Windows down driving when it's not too hot, and not too cold, but just right.

Ditto on the toddler hugs. Especially from a daddy's little girl. The boy it turns into more of a tackle, and that's good too.

Pinching your wife's booty when you come home from work. I learned that one from my dad.

Cold/crisp clean water in a glass (not plastic cup). Could that BE any better or simpler.

Anonymous said...

The first time you hear, "Love you, Momma" completely on their own. This happened this morning.

Frozen waffles.

Watching a 5 year old turn into a caring, gentle young man.

The smell of my husband.. Thank you USHER!@!!

A paycheck at the end of every month, NO idea how we are going to do Christmas but we have water, heat, water, and electricity!

Snuggles from the kids.

A family's love.


Toni said...

A bubble bath

Wind chimes in the breeze

Sunday afternoon naps after church and lunch

Brandon and Jenny said...

Those are fantastic! A cold glass of water. Wow. And amen to frozen waffles and Sunday naps. A good Sunday nap can get me through the whole week.