Oh, poop

Jenny went to a movie yesterday afternoon with a girlfriend of hers here. I watched the kiddos. BoyD and I were chilling out watching Curious George discover his way through the Bahamas with the Man in the Yellow Hat when BabyM woke up from a monster 3 hour nap.

I trundled up the stairs and waltzed into her room expecting to be greeted by my beautiful doe eyed girl. I was. Except she was covered in poop. Her poop. Lots of her poop.

She decided to take her diaper off. And poop. In the crib. And play with it. It was on her legs. Arms. Hands. Face. Pacifier. Yeah. It was horrible. And the stink. Wow.

But it's all cleaned up. Go to Jenny's Blog for video evidence of the crime scene. Even CSI might have cringed. Although I've heard worse stories.

Some days are poopy.


brian said...

My sides. They split.

If it makes you feel better or just want to commiserate, ask my mom what I did across the Mobile Bay causeway sometime.

Brandon and Jenny said...

I'll ask her...although I'm not sure I want to know. Sounds like a bad combination of circumstances.

Rob and Becky said...

hahahahahahahahaha! ~Becky

Schweers' Mom said...

Sorry to laugh at your inconvenience....but HAHAHAHAHAH! That's one funny story and sure to scare off any suitors you don't like!