Not sure what I think about this

I know I'm jumping topics like a flea at a dog show, but I had to share this. And confess my confusion and chin-scratching at the story. I'm having a hard time even categorizing it so that I know what to think.

Anyway, it's an ABC news story about a man, who has female parts, is married to a woman, got pregnant (artificially) and had a baby girl. He is pregnant again. Not a typo, there, either.

Here's the article: Man has Baby

I am to love everyone human and this guy is human. So I'm not hating on the guy or calling him a freak or any of that. Just curious if any of you could help me think what to think.

Some interesting questions come up:

1. If the guy becomes a believer (or already is) what gender does he have in eternity?
2. How is a person with female reproductive parts a man?

That's about all I've got for now. Have fun being confused. It's a strange world out there.


Zach said...

As far as I understood it, he was born fully a she and had a sex change operation. I figure she's probably still a she, just with boy parts tacked on.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Yeah, this falls under TMI, but he/she has her female parts and so has a womb, etc. Takes male hormones.

How can you legally become a man but not be a man?

Zach said...

I'm pretty sure that in California they'll let you marry a bucket of roofing nails, so this isn't that far fetched.

Anonymous said...

Back to the bible, Christ said in heaven they are not given in marrage. Don't waste time with the matters of the flesh, when the question is a spritial one. Be concerned about the spritial side of the issue, the flesh is all going into the grave. Mike McMaster

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Mike.

"Be concerned about the spiritual side of the issue, the flesh is all going into the grave. "

I totally agree that the spiritual side is what matters. Indeed it's what matters most. And the flesh is going into the grave. But it's also coming back out again. For the believer to glory, for the unbeliever to damnation. Our flesh, though temporary now, will be with us in eternity.

And the Lord made this 'man' a woman so I guess He has the final say?

Great thoughts, Mike.