I hope the Cowboys win

But that's all I have to say about that.

We went to the retreat but left early because BabyM has decided to quit nursing and so we went home. But it was a beautiful camp...I'll get pics up later...and a good time. Although it stretched my Spanish a LOT, it was good to meet some folks and begin a few friendships. But the reality of it is that this is a season of our life during which couples retreats are not a feasible reality.

Tomorrow we are going to help some friends harvest their corn. We asked if they needed help and their grandfather told us no, that we were missionaries and therefore special people and harvesting corn is very hot, hard, dirty work. But we asked again and they relented. We don't want to be 'special' because we're all the same folks and sort of want to break down the Great White Missionary myth a little. We'll see how it goes. I doubt we'll be much help but maybe we'll learn something.

Ok. I'm exhausted. So exhausted that I'm going to bed before the Cowboys game is over. That's tired for me.

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