I love children. I don't always like them, but, well, according to the Beatles, liking gets trumped.

Here's why:

- They grow me. A lot. I need to be challenged to grow and Lord knows our 2 kids do that. Especially the Boy.

- They make me laugh. Every day. If you're not laughing, well, let me know. I'll tell you a funny something.

- They make me love Jenny more. I thought my wife was amazing. And then we had children. She is...well...slack jawed awe is a good start.

- They give our parents joy. I cannot imagine how much I will love my children's children. But our parents give me a glimpse of the depth and richness love can have.

- They teach me how to love. Loving people is hard. Loving toddlers is...emptying. The Lord has a special place for children and having 2 helps me realize how much He loves me. And how poorly I love most days, how conditional I make my love.

- They force me to order my life. Having 2 tiny people that have their own will and spirit and life - all of which you are responsible for cultivating and training and loving - forces you to either get together and make sense of things and give a child some form of ordered world in which to grow or be conquered by a 30 pound tyrant.

- They teach me who God is. The fact that God has a special place, a particular affection for children helps me know a little more about Him, gives me a glimpse into His mystery. And He desires me to have that same affection.

Oh, and they make life . . . better. Fuller. Deeper. Richer. Like the difference between black and white and color. Of regular and HD for you youngins.

Better. Either way.

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