tap-tap, "Is this thing on?"

I was mauled by a bear and have been unable to type due to wounds inflicted to my hands as I gallantly fended off the terrible beast.

That's much more exciting than the truth. We've been traveling. Went to the states for 2 weddings. My brother married his best friend, Toni Beth and I was incredibly honored to share the ceremony with my JP uncle J. We're SO EXCITED that she's offically part of the family and our kids now have an aunt Toni. A few hours later two of our former college kids (no longer kids), Clayton and Rebekah were married. I was humbled and honored to preform that ceremony as well. It was just a hoot. It was a busy and wonderful time. We got time with our family, visited Lubbock, ate a calzone from One Guy's (only a few will understand the beauty of that) and even squeezed in a morning at the State Fair.

We are thankfully back home.


Nathan said...

Brandon...I have discovered something that will give One Guy's a run for it's money...

The Munchie's Stromboli and Wedgie.


Kristi said...

Man, I miss One Guy's!!!