Culture difference

So, according to this report (read it here), there is a two day cat eating festival in Peru that animal rights groups are up in arms about. Not to pick on PETA again, but things are not the same around the world. Not that they can't protest and get upset, but they have to realize that what is wrong one place is not always wrong in the other.

Now, some things are clear because the Lord has made them clear in the Bible. Adultery is wrong. Stealing is wrong. They are morally wrong. Now, PETA is consistent when it comes to eating critters. They don't like it. And I give them credit for that. I'm sure they'd protest Tail Gaiting before a football game if they could.

But in Peru, at least in this part of Peru, cats = food. Every year in Sweetwater Texas they have a Rattlesnake Roundup where they catch and cook and eat snakes. Fried snake, snake souvenirs, even a pageant. Never been - heard it's cool. I wonder if PETA protests that? They probably do. But the point is that different cultures are different and what is wrong in one place, except what the Bible makes clear, may not be wrong in another.

You'd never have a Kitty Cat Roundup in Texas. Because we like cats. They're cute. But we don't get warm and fuzzy at the thought of a rattlesnake curled up in our lap as we read a book in front of a warming fire.

It's really hard not to pick and choose what we say is wrong. And the list the Lord gives us is shorter than we'd like - as long at we're not applying it to ourselves.

Oh well...if you're looking for a cat taco, now you know where to go.


Brent said...

I don't like cats.

I don't think they're cute.

Brent said...

I don't like snakes.

I don't think they're cute.

Brent said...

I'm not going to eat either of the above willingly or knowingly, man.

I'm just not.

But, I've been to Haiti. So, I may have.


Ian said...

As much as I love my little gatos, I'm willing to try a cat taco, but only to see if it tastes good.

I've said many times that if dog was good, I'd eat it. Cats should be no exception, though I don't think the meat would be as good.

My prediction - stringy and tough.

Brandon and Jenny said...

I've eaten a few strange tacos. But they were probably horse. Never eaten cat or snake. Don't plan to. In Haiti - they're just eating everything that ain't people.

I'd like to try bugs, though. Fried only. And no grubs or anything too squirty.

Schweers' Mom said...

Ok, the last remark did me in. I should have read it in lieu of eating dinner. Great diet material cuz you don't want to eat after reading about squishy things.


SM said...

Tastes like chicken.
BTW... do you know what PETA stands for? People Eating Tasty Animals. :)
This comment will probably be deleted, and that's ok and understandable; I just thought you might think it's funny.

angelface0721 said...

accidentally i had dog. and ian you did too. when we went to juarez and the lady we built the house for made a stuffed rellano peppers that we THOUGHT was beef, rice and tomatoes....turns out it wasnt beef. go figure. how many times do you see a stray cow wondering down the streets of mexico? haha.