Some things sneak up on you

We went back to Texas for 2 weddings but ended up knocked off our feet a little.

Normally when we return to the States for a time we're eager to get back home to Guatemala. Seeing our parents, being in their homes, being able to touch our family, going to CBC, seeing needs and ways we could serve - pulled. Hard.

The reality is that we have been called by the Lord to Guatemala. But He didn't force us to go. We went because He put it in our hearts to go and we live here because we agree with Him that this is where He wants us to be. For now.

I have no idea how many days or years I have before the Lord returns or brings me home. But I know that some of those days are supposed to be here in Guatemala. And I know that Christ is here with me and that wherever He is I can be obedient and fruitful. That may not seem very certain to many of you but I am finding certainty more and more overrated. I have certainty in only a very few things. God loves me. God created me. Christ saved me. The Holy Spirit indwells me. There's more to that list, but most of it folds out from those things.

There's a reason we walk with God. We don't live in a walking culture. At least not in the States. We drive or bike or fly but we only walk to exercise or get through the fair or the mall. We don't walk to travel because we have found a faster way. But when you walk you interact with what's around you. You notice more. Notice people, smells, sounds.

We walked just a little in Texas last week and we noticed we missed a lot of things. We missed our our parents kissing our children. We missed our children being influenced by our parents. Jenny and I have the rare joy of having two sets of amazing people for parents and we miss their presence. We visited (how weird to say that) CBC and we missed fellowship with people whom we love. We missed the sky of West Texas and the people who dwell beneath it. And we were reminded that the Lord does nothing by accident. We are not in Guatemala by a fluke. And that He is much more concerned with who we are than where we are today.

And that's good. Because it ain't easy to stay some days. But it would be almost impossible to leave. How's that for living in the tension? The Lord wants us to be His disciples here for a time and when He wants us to be His children somewhere else, He'll let us know. That's not very certain, I know. But some things sneak up on you like that.

And that's for certain.


tap-tap, "Is this thing on?"

I was mauled by a bear and have been unable to type due to wounds inflicted to my hands as I gallantly fended off the terrible beast.

That's much more exciting than the truth. We've been traveling. Went to the states for 2 weddings. My brother married his best friend, Toni Beth and I was incredibly honored to share the ceremony with my JP uncle J. We're SO EXCITED that she's offically part of the family and our kids now have an aunt Toni. A few hours later two of our former college kids (no longer kids), Clayton and Rebekah were married. I was humbled and honored to preform that ceremony as well. It was just a hoot. It was a busy and wonderful time. We got time with our family, visited Lubbock, ate a calzone from One Guy's (only a few will understand the beauty of that) and even squeezed in a morning at the State Fair.

We are thankfully back home.


Culture difference

So, according to this report (read it here), there is a two day cat eating festival in Peru that animal rights groups are up in arms about. Not to pick on PETA again, but things are not the same around the world. Not that they can't protest and get upset, but they have to realize that what is wrong one place is not always wrong in the other.

Now, some things are clear because the Lord has made them clear in the Bible. Adultery is wrong. Stealing is wrong. They are morally wrong. Now, PETA is consistent when it comes to eating critters. They don't like it. And I give them credit for that. I'm sure they'd protest Tail Gaiting before a football game if they could.

But in Peru, at least in this part of Peru, cats = food. Every year in Sweetwater Texas they have a Rattlesnake Roundup where they catch and cook and eat snakes. Fried snake, snake souvenirs, even a pageant. Never been - heard it's cool. I wonder if PETA protests that? They probably do. But the point is that different cultures are different and what is wrong in one place, except what the Bible makes clear, may not be wrong in another.

You'd never have a Kitty Cat Roundup in Texas. Because we like cats. They're cute. But we don't get warm and fuzzy at the thought of a rattlesnake curled up in our lap as we read a book in front of a warming fire.

It's really hard not to pick and choose what we say is wrong. And the list the Lord gives us is shorter than we'd like - as long at we're not applying it to ourselves.

Oh well...if you're looking for a cat taco, now you know where to go.


why I didn't blog last week

Hopefully in order: Mom on the big concrete slides. Much faster with a cardboard sled.

The fam at El Baul (a park). That's Xela in the background.

Walking to the hot springs. It's really hot in the water there - like soup hot.

And a familiar picture at the Lake where we stopped on our way back to the airport. Yeah Grammy and Grandpa! We had such a great time. A freakishly busy week ahead with language school and a part at the orphanage and we're flying to Dallas the 13th. Anyway...that's about it. Oh, and how about those Red Raiders? We'll see how good they are in the next few weeks.