the wonder of facebook

So I just recently signed up on Facebook.

I thought I was doing good to have a blog and a website I never update. Apparently I've been missing out. Jenny and I have reconnected with a ton of old friends. It's pretty cool, really.

But it got me thinking. It's pretty addictive. You can sit for - a long time - and reconnect. And I was wondering what it is that makes it so addictive because I'm apparently not the only person who likes this. I don't know how many people are on facebook (anyone know?), but it's a lot. And it's not just a fad. People want (may even find themselves needing) to communicate to each other on a silly web-forum.

But what is it that makes us want to do this?

Community. Connectedness. We were made to be in a group of people. In relationships. The church is the perfect picture of this. Not that the church is perfect - that's another post - but that it's a perfect picture of what we are supposed to look like. A glimpse into how we were designed to work. A very broken picture in some cases.

But the Bible calls those who believe in Jesus part of a body. Not an organization or a club or even a forum. A body. Connected. And we were designed to work like this. We were created to be in relationships with people, connected to them. Sharing our lives with them.

Facebook is just another glimpse of what eternity will be like. Without the internet connection. Or the distance. Or the sin. Or any of the other things that keep people apart. It will be the ultimate community full of those who love the Lord and one another. I can't wait.

Until then - facebook ain't too bad.


Gerald said...

sweet, i love facebook; jon olvera and i talk sometimes on it as well as Jordan Self and i...looking forward to seeing you online!

Anonymous said...

Brandon and Jenny!
Hey, Brian and I are both on Facebook, but can't find you guys anywhere. Do you realize how many "Brandon Scott"s there are in this world? Upwards of 500, I'll tell ya that! Anyway - find us! We'd love to connect on there with you. The email I use is Brian uses And the name I have on facebook is Lisa Ribble Biegert. Hope to find you guys soon!!
-Brian and Lisa B.