PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk

PETA is insane. Click HERE to read the article. I don't like to get political or too controversial here, but this is the Ramble Zone so, here it goes.

Human beings are the only creatures made in the image of God. We are, by our very being, more important than animals. The worst human being (and I mean Hitler bad) is immeasurably more valuable than the greatest (I'm talking Old Yeller good) animal. I admit that I would choose my favorite pet over the life of a child molester. But I would be wrong to do so. The Lord Jesus did not die for the sins of critters.

PETA does some things that are beneficial. And animals fall under the stewardship of human beings. PETA has, however, placed humans and animals on a level of equality. A concept which can only be justified by the most puerile of world views. Puerile is too lenient. It borders on insanity (part of whose definition is, "extreme folly or unreasonableness b: something utterly foolish or unreasonable").

Why, I wonder, do we drink cows milk? The Lord created the cow with the ability to produce a LOT of milk in a day. Much more than a woman. We have two children - both of whom were nursed. I'm a huge fan of breastfeeding - I think it a wonderful way to feed your baby. Ask a woman who has nursed twins how exhausting it is? Ask a woman who has tried to produce more milk how difficult it can be? And they want an ICE CREAM manufacturer to change to human milk. Ice Cream. Not ice breast milk. Do you have any idea how many gallons (gallons, people, think about that, anyone who has seen how much milk a mommy can produce in a day) of milk would be needed?

What does this make women into?

PETA, mired in insanity
has made women equal to cows. Mooooove over, Elsy. Here comes Sally, and Tina and Meredith. Insanity! God did not make women to produce enough milk to feed the populace. Or make Chunky Monkey. He gave women the ability to feed babies. The concept that women should become factories so what cows could have an easier life is as rediculous as giving a cat the same rights as a mother. Oh wait! PETA thinks this! It is, at best, insanity.

At least Ben and Jerry kindly declined.


Alicia said...

This made me laugh. It is so ridiculous, isn't it?! I must admit, sometimes I did, in fact, feel a little bovine when nursing. But I never thought of this in terms of sheer volume. It is truly insane. Not to mention gross! Who would eat that?!

From Carlys Eyes said...

Ditto the gross factor, I got shivers just thinking about it. JUST YUCK!!!!!