This is hurricanes Gustav and Hanna a day or two ago as Gustav made landfall. Thankfully they look worse than they ended up being and we don't have the destruction we had with Katrina.

But these things are HUGE! The two of them combined would cover the entire state of Texas, if not more.

The Bible talks so much about our position as unique creatures, created in the image of God. And yet reminds us constantly that we're like dust, grass and flowers that bloom and fade away, often to be remembered no more.

Storms come and we try to build levees to keep the water out. We build cities below sea level. We do this because we were created to rule this planet. To dwell here and worship the Lord, to steward His creation. When the Lord was caught in a storm on a tiny boat with His disciples freaking out all around Him - He slept. He was awakened and rebuked the wind and waves - put them in their place - and they settled down. Because He was the maker of these things.

But we are very much beneath such storms. They can kill us if we're silly and stand in their way. But they, for all their power and majesty, are not the Lord. He alone is the King Eternal, the calmer of storms. And He sits on His throne as Lord over all these things, yet fully involved in the lives and hearts of people. In calming their storms. More often though, we must endure them though they come one after the other; we endure them because He who made them dwelt among us and is with us still. He dwells among the grass and the dust and the flowers that fade because He loves us. And such things are more powerful than any storm.

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Brandon and Jenny said...

appropriate blog as later this same day we had our car broken into and some cash, our CDs, and Deacon's DVDs stolen. That is a little storm though in comparison I guess.

I love you my prince.