No excuse

Sorry again faithful blog readers. Life has been busy and, well, anyway...

This weekend we are going to a retreat center located on Lake Atitlan about 3 hours or so from our home. CAM in Guatemala is currently in ministry teams and two of those teams are meeting to have a sort of fellowship retreat. It should be a wonderful time of fellowship and relaxing and talking and praying about what the Lord wants us to do. There's a CAM retreat center there where we can stay for $7 a night. Which makes it pretty budget friendly. We'll let you know how it went. Oh, and that's what the lake looks like.

The following weekend we need to go to the City to have another meeting with CAM and pick up my parents! BoyD will finally get to see his Grammy and Grampa again.

This week is also independence day week (Sept. 15 is the actual day) and there are parades with all the kids in town. We're going to try and go to the 3-7 year old parade tomorrow. Next week is the fair (like the State Fair - only smaller) and we may try to go to that and get a parasite or two. The food's just SO good. And we probably won't get a parasite - depending on how smart we are.

Ok. Hopefully I'll have time (and energy) to write something I've been thinking about later tonight. I'm reading a book that makes me feel a little better about being so tired while learning a language and adjusting here. Apparently that's normal. Using lots of "emotional energy" which I wasn't all that aware of having so little of before. That's not what the book is about - it's called Cross Cultural Servanthood by Duane Elmer and it is fantastic. But anyway.

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