Well, we're taking a sick day. Jenny and I have been going from 6-10 every day and it finally caught up with us. Sorry again about the blog-lapse.

The kids have a cold and Jenny and I are wading through the crud and we're just too wiped to study and do it all today so we took the day off to catch up on laundry and rest and get well. Traveling on back-to-back weekends is a beating with two kids under 3 in cloth diapers.

All that to say, we had a wonderful, wonderful time this weekend. We got to meet a bunch of missionaries and hear their stories and see their faces and connect with people. We feel a lot less isolated and alone knowing that there are folks here who know and love us. Oh, and Jenny found out that our field director's wife is a Pi Phi. Which is a sorority. Anyway, when they discovered this fact they both jumped up and squealed and clapped their hands and cried and hugged. It was the girliest thing I have ever witnessed. But it was fun.

We leave Friday or Saturday for Guatemala city to attend another meeting and pick my parents up! They will be here for 2 weeks and everybody is just so excited.

Hopefully I will be able to blog about something with a little more content later. I know this, though, that God is good and He makes no mistakes. How wonderful to trust and depend on He who knows all things. Oh, here's a few pictures of our weekend. Us in a boat about to cross the lake, the view from Las Buenas Nuevas, and that's us again. Not a bad spot.

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