from the mouth

BoyD is REALLY excited to see Grammy and Grandpa (my parents). They are coming in 2 weeks. He keeps asking if PaPa is coming. PaPa is Jenny's dad who passed away in November.

Now, there are a lot of things that a 2.5 year old understands. And a lot he does not. So I was getting him in his PJs last night and he said,

"Daddy, is PaPa in heaven?"
"Yes. He is."
"Daddy, can PaPa hug me?"
"Yes, baby, one day, in heaven, he can give you a hug"
"Daddy, is God in heaven?"
"Is God here in my room?"
"Yes, BoyD, He is."
"Daddy, when God is in my room, can He hug me?"
"Yes. God can hug you, baby."
"Yes, little man."
"Can YOU hug me?"


There are things I could never have learned but for having children. Theologically, it doesn't always have to make sense. Most times, it's better if it doesn't.


Gerald said...

To Brandon and Deacon, I often think about my own PaPa hugging me, I miss his scruffy, rough sailoresque unshaven face scratching mine, the smell of Old Spice (no kidding), I miss the look on his face when I would come in to see him, or when I asked his help; I miss so much of my PaPa that sometimes all I can do is run to my Abba and let him hold me! I am so glad that we will get to minister with you guys, tell D never to forget what he knows about his PaPa and dont you forget to tell him what you remember. I know my PaPa is in Heaven and even though I long for his presence here I know he is much better off! Thank you sooooooooooooo much for this insight into your private moment with your son! We love and miss you and yes sometimes keep tears from flooding forward from what you have shared.

Anonymous said...

you should not make your mom cry so early in the morning. What a precious moment!!!
No more death, no more divorce, no more tears.......someday.

Ian said...

Well said.