Why men hate going to the dcotor

I have not had good luck, gastronomically speaking, here in Guatemala. I get sick more often than I used to. Well, normally I get symptoms every few weeks and it goes away. I had some throat crud the other day but that seems to be going away. But this morning, when I took my first sip of steaming hot Guatemalan brew, it felt like someone stabbed me with an ice pick. So, as usual, I told myself to suck it up and ate breakfast. Each bite causing more pain.

I have a wife who loves me. She found a good doctor and made arrangements and off I went. You don't make appointments here. You just go and get in line. I was 4th. I waited about an hour and a half. The receptionist desk had 3 ladies, 1 of whom was working really hard. She was getting patients where they needed to go, answering the phone, you know, working. There was a young lady who sat there and ate something from what looked like a margarine tub and tried not to answer the phone when it rang. The 3rd lady managed to paint her nails, make some tea, and at least put an envelope in the typewriter, although she never typed anything on it.

I spoke with the doctor. He was very nice and, well, a doctor who knew what the was talking about. He even has a radio show. Anyway, he asked me a bunch of questions and examined me and I have inflammation in my stomach lining probably caused by amoebas and too much coffee and fatty food. We don't eat much fatty food but I'm guilty on the coffee. So I marched over to the pharmacy and bought my prescriptions which totaled out to about 80% of what we pay Gladys to work at our house every month.


But it was less than it would be in the states. I take a medicine to reduce gastric acid, an anti-amoeba/parasite med, and something else that I'm not sure what it does because it did not come in a box - they just put blister packs in a bag for me and I received no pharmaceutical info.

The doctor told me no fat, no coffee. No fat is easier - no coffee?? I think I'd rather die. Jenny said that's fine, but I can't complain if it hurts when I drink it.

And that's why men hate going to the doctor. Because they know they are going to have to pay a lot of money to have someone tell them they can't do the things they like to do anymore. Even if they are what's best.


Anonymous said...

Boy, your wife must really love you to make you go! And she is right not to let you complain if you refuse to follow the Dr.'s orders. ;)

-the not really anonymous, Anonymous.

Brent said...

Doctors don't know half of what they think they know. Press on, Brandon! Eat what you want. Do what you want! That's what real men, do. They go to doctors and IGNORE what they tell us...

Brandon and Jenny said...

Ha! Indeed. And real men also die sooner than women. There must be a connection there. Here's the deal. fat is not too hard to reduce. But I NEED coffee. I admit it, I'm an addict. So, this morning, I am having only one cup. And so far no ill effects. There's a reason that 3rd or 4th cup in the after noon, you know, the one that's been sitting on the burner all day, well, they don't call it "rot-gut" for nothing.

And you're right, "the not really anonymous, Anonymous". I think you really do love me. ;-)

Justin said...

I love me some coffee too, but have been weaning myself from regular dosings. That way when I miss a cup, I'm not debilitated by headaches. And I bet that Guatemalan coffee is pretty good. When we come to visit that'll give you a good excuse for drinking several cups.

Schweers' Mom said...

I think I would rather die than go without my morning jolt o' joe. I say just drink less. (Is that possible??) Hope you are feeling better!

Joanna said...

Please take care of yourself. You are precious to us. No one is ever going to hold a gun to your head and say give me your coffee or I'll hurt your stomach. Congrafulations on cutting down to one cup. Very proud

Your Coaster,

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thank you! I'm better now. Better post an update.

Dan and Debbie Shoemaker said...

Yes, I agree on the Dr's telling you not to do the things we like to do! Bummer.

Just wait till you start the "ageing" process as I am since I hit 50 last year, it seems my body is falling apart. Glad you got the amoebas taken care of. One thing that will take care of them is Flagil. If you keep having problems, try to get a prescription for that. Tough stuff.

Dan Shoemaker