same but different

Last night Jenny and I had a friend and her 14 year old daughter over for dinner. We had hamburgers. Afterwards, we put the kids down and then Jenny and I went to see a movie, leaving our friend and her daughter to watch the kids. They watched a few DVD's while we were gone.

Sound pretty normal, doesn't it?

Here's what was different:

The friend is also the same lady who helps us keep our house in order by working here half the week. She was orphaned at 10 and helped raise her siblings. She lives in the mountains an hour and a half bus ride from our home. They stayed the night over here because it was too late for me to drive them home and too late for a bus. When I went to bed at 10:30 they were just starting The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and when I got up at 6:30 they were already gone - needing to get back home to be somewhere at 10.

And that's a little what things are like here: a few shades off of what we're used to. For us to go to a movie here it cost us Q50 for the tickets and Q25 for popcorn and a bottle of water. The Q = quetzal, Guatemala's currency. That makes Q75, or about $10. Which is GREAT for us! But the funny thing is that a normal wage here for a person working half a week at a home is about Q700-750. That would be like one of us paying 10% of our monthly income to go see a movie. So if you make $2K a month, it's like you paying $200 for a movie and popcorn.

Which is more than I would pay for a movie. Even The Mummy 3.

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