Phrase of the Week

This may sound familiar. Well, not the Spanish.

"El que madruga, Dios lo ayuda."

"God helps those who get up early"

Sounds a little like the oft misquoted, "God helps those who help themselves." which, of course, occurs nowhere in the Bible. But I like these phrases less for what they teach me than what they teach me about the culture. Each little proverb is like a glimpse through a microscope into the culture. From this little sentence we can see that getting up early is valued, they believe in God, and that God helps people. But not all people. And that sleeping in is frowned upon. That God wants me to hold up my end of things and be responsible. And that if I do what I'm supposed to, God will be good to me.

Wow! Some good, some bad things in there, but that's why I love these little proverbs. They're like Jolly Ranchers. Little but they give a lot. Or something. Actually, they are nothing like Jolly Ranchers. Maybe I didn't get up early enough. :-)


Gerald said...

Man if that is the Guatemalan mentality then i am in trouble, of course i do wake up early for the most part but some days really require that extra amount of sleep. Oh well, one of those cultural things that i will work out once down there, although they dont look down upon naps do they?

Brandon and Jenny said...

They don't look down on them, no. They just don't take many. If you need one, and you can, they're fine with it. But generally, they are some of the hardest working people I have ever encountered.