Phrase of the week

Did not get to this last week. Traveling, etc. Feel free to put your thoughts, as always.

Quien con lobos anda, aprende a ahullar

"He who runs with wolves learns to howl"

For you Spanish speakers: I know that andar means to walk but we don't say, "walk with wolves" so, anyway.

I like this one a lot. It's not that running with wolves is bad, just as long as you want to learn to howl. Although if howling is a bad thing, well, best stay away from the wolves. We are, in large part, defined by our circle of friends. I hope I have a big circle full of lots of different kinds of people. But I so often see lambs running with the wolves. And lambs have to fake it pretty hard to howl. Anyway - I'm sure I'll tell this to my kids when they're older. Hopefully not in a scowling father sort of way.

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