A little ketchup. Or is it catsup.

We traveled to Guatemala City (about 4 hours away) on Friday to attend a Peacemakers seminar with CAM. Great time finally meeting all the other CAM missionaries. They all know us as "the ones who live in Xela" because most all of them live in or around the City. We went to Sam's Club (or something like it) and stocked up on things. "Going broke saving money" my father-in-law always said.

Traveling with a 2.5 year old and a7 month old is always interesting. I can't imagine what it would be like with older kids.

So, the olympics are over. I reckon they went about like everyone thought they would. A lot of great athletes amidst clouds of controversery and drama doing their thing. I hear NBC did a bad job. But Telemundo rocked so, there's that.

Alright. Oh, my stomach is better. I'm drinking less coffee and not much on an empty stomach but the medecines are working I guess. And I'm AMOEBA FREE for the first time in, I guess, awhile. It's like being debt free. Except with unicellular microorganisms instead of money.


Justin said...

Yeah, NBC was pretty awful. The interviewer on the Track was a jerk. He kept trying to goad the runners or saying mean things to try and, I dunno, make something headline worthy.

Brandon and Jenny said...

I would think that people running faster than anyone else has ever tun would be a good headline. But what do I know.