Let the games begin

Today, the Texas Tech Red Raiders begin their football season. There are lots of things you give up, leave behind, sell, give away or forget about when you move to another country. And there are somethings that you bring with you to integrate into your new life.

Most things are cultural. Habits, lifestyle choices, things like that. Family, loved ones, memories, a few precious objects. These remain. Two pieces of my identity, however, have remained.

I am a Texan.

I love college football.

I guess if you view life as a quilt that the Lord is weaving, those are two of my squares. On Friday, I wear my Red Raider shirt and on Saturday I do the same. Saturday, coffee is enjoyed via my Red Raider mug. I can't watch the games, but I've found that's not really the point. We have a Texas flag in our home. We cook chili.

We also cook pepian, cuchutos, and corn tortillas. I get pumped when the Super Chivos of Xela play the Rojos of the Capital. They're like the Yankees. Sort of. The Rojos.

I can't change who I was, but I can allow the Lord to make me into a new person. To knit that quilt. And He must if I am to minister effectively here. My quilt must look more like a Guatemalan's quilt or I'll never be able to relate to or learn from or love them well.

But that's another blog.

Kickoff is at 5:00. I can't wait.


mutating missionary said...

Right now there are many studies being done on this cross-cultural living. One thing that we are learning right now. Don't try to lose yourself totally into the culture you live in. Keep those things that give you your place. This allows you to be a richer friend to the natives. I found that comforting. For me - I'm an American - I don't apologize for it - I even sometimes pull the dumb american card when I make a huge cultural mistake... and I love on em... I love on em... and smile a lot. This are a few of the things that make me who I am...
and it is going pretty well - except for the stabs that the evil one likes to jab at me. I pray for you, co-journeyer!!!!!! I pray for you. Hugs to wife and kids! Coffee at my place anytime you are in town :-)

Nathan said...

Not a great start but we won. But man those penalties were killers.

Brent said...

If you go to and click on "espn360" they show 5 games via streaming video that weren't aired by the network (and some were, of which you can click on "replay" after it's over and watch it in entirety). Yahoo also has a game of the week on video. I bet you could get a Tech fix that way every now and again.

Brandon and Jenny said...

I'll pass the hugs on, co-journeyer.

And yes, we did win. Though not pretty, at least we got a W and no one was hurt.

I tried espn360 - but you have to have one of 3-4 US internet providers. Maybe they have an international plan? That might be worth it if they do that. I'll check out Yahoo. You can get 10 soccer games here on a Saturday but it's no luck with US football.

Gerald said...

maybe once we are in guatemala we will let you stand in the media presentation of a real football program............................The Fighting Tigers of LSU!!!!