I'm not a literary snob - really!

So my beautiful and talented bride accused me of BlogSnobbery with my last post. I couldn't see her over my copy of Ulysses, so I had to lower that to see that she was only a little serious.

Just kidding. About Ulysses. I haven't read it and never will. Sorry James Joyce fans.

In college I read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, (written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn) a story about a guy sentenced to serve in a prison camp (a Goulag) in Siberia during Communism in Russia. That book, along with other books, sort of got the word out about what was going on in the USSR at the time. I don't know that much abut the guy other than he was brave to write what he did. Our world has been made better by brave people writing brave things. The Bible being chief among these. The majority of the authors of the New Testament were killed for their proclamations.

And 10 years ago I was really struck by how brave people can be to write the truth. That same semester I read a bunch of books of a similar vein and have an abiding respect for the men and women who endured evil in this world and were brave enough to write about it.

So, that's the reason for that last post. Didn't have the time to get into all this the other day. Although I would suggest reading a book of his or two!

Here's the Wiki article about his life if you are for some reason interested.


Mike Messerli said...

so, how's it going? are you doing well? I know we don't talk enough, but I just wanted to check on you.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey! Well, I can just call you so it's my fault. We're doing well. Goes to show how poor a blogger I am :-) Starting to feel like Spanish will eventually make sense.