brief but worth it

We drove Monday to a town 2 hours from here called Huehuetenango. It was a beautiful drive. We drove out to have lunch with a missionary couple that JUST moved here. They have 2 little kids too and it was great to meet them and encourage them. I remember very well the stress of that move. How wonderful to be able to give back a little. We couldn't stay long because Jenny had to get back for a meeting. But how great to drive and share a meal with a group of believers. It is sweet time indeed. Anyway - as Jenny says, the camera just does not do it justice.

One of the ladies with whom we ate is Helen Ekstrom. Her and David, her hubby, have translated the Bible into 5 Mayan languages. They are in their 80's and - get this - she was clasmates with Jim Elliot. She was just talking about something and it came up. She just said, "Oh, yes, Jim was our class president". WOW. The Ekstroms are from THAT generation of missionaries. What an honor to get to talk and learn from them - but they want to know about us - so it's hard to ask them enough questions. Very, very cool.


mutating missionary said...

What an honor. What a private gift from God. To be in the presence of those whose lives have been tested! I am also blessed by several elders that I rubbed shoulders with last week. When I asked one couple that had been on the field for 40 years, "how"... they looked at me with dancing eyes. The man looked at his wife, grabbed her hand, squeezed it and said, "You just stay. And give God the glory" What a testimony of the reality it is one day at a time, one step after another. And give God the glory. Even when you go through a slump...

Brandon and Jenny said...

Great comment! And this couple is just like that. 50 some odd years here. Thank you for the 'hugs'. I'll pass it on.