And now for something completely different

Hopefully I'm not the only one who still remembers Monty Python....


Here's some little things that make me happy:

- BabyM laughing. It's, well, wonderful

- hand made tortillas by Gladys. Also wonderful, but in a different way

- Movies. the escape can be pretty nice.

- popcorn. Not microwave or at the movies but popcorn made the real way at home. (I realize this makes two corn based foods which make me happy - but I live in Guatemala so, ah, there's lots of corn)

- Grammar. I know this is weird, but grammar is sort of like math for words - clean and orderly. It helps me make sense of what I need to say and how to say it.

- A good, not too heavy fiction book. It's like a movie, I guess, minus the soundtrack.

- A new razor. Wow.

- new socks. Also wow.

- not new jeans. There magic there.

- BoyD wanting to read the same book 11 times in one afternoon.

- Really good classical music that speaks without needing words.

- Sermons in Spanish. Though they make me a lot happier now that I can understand them.

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Gerald said...

so what about monty python

for me the scene from Holy Grail:

the black knight and Sir Lancelot!
classic and at one point i actually had the entire script from the movie!

yes i am goofy