2 Firsts!

So this is fantastic for two reasons. It's Jenny's acceptance letter to Dallas Theological Seminary! She (as those who read her blog already know) will be getting a certificate of graduate studies to fulfill 30 hours of study required by CAM. She has 5 or so years to do it - but we're so pumped! It's not a surprise she was accepted. Anyone who knows Jenny is not surprised (Suma Cum Laude - I always have to give her props) but we're just excited! We have many of the books that she will need already. Unless they changed those a lot. Anyway...

Also, it is our FIRST TIME to receive a piece of mail here in Guatemala! How cool is that?? It's probably too little to see, but that's mailed (Like at the post office) from Dallas, TX to our address in Guatemala. You have no idea how excited we were to get that. It's fantastic. I'm not sure what all can be sent but the fact that we received a letter - well - it's just incredible.

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