Two weeks

Putting aside the fact that they are being held smack dab in the middle of a country known for egregious human rights violations and persecutions against the Church, I'm really pumped about the Olympics.

I love the Olympic games. Yes they have bizarre mascots and sure, they use it as a feel good, see look how well we can all get along show, but when push comes to shove, it's pure competition out there. It's a chance for athletes to go out there and do there thing on the biggest stage around.

I'm actually partial to the winter Olympics, but now that they alternate, the summer will have to do. I know the US has been pretty dominant lately and I hope that contries. But I love it when you get some tiny little country winning a gold medal. It's fantastic. Even if they do beat the US of A.

This year will be interesting because of the venue. The massive China machine is in full swing to prove to the world they are a global power. Anyone that doubts that needs to look at how many things in your house have "Made in China" on them. I think really they are trying to prove that they are not guilty of crushing dissidents and that a lot has changed since Tiananmen square. That too is doubtful. People release power reluctantly, especially in an Eastern culture. It will be crushing if China is shamed on the world stage by some mishap or rouge protester. We'll see what happens. People who have been desperate to be heard may get pretty loud.

And it is on that stage that some really great sport will occur. Crazy sports like the hammer throw and the steeplechase. I love that stuff. I have no idea if I'll be able to watch a single event, like the US basketball team getting squashed, but I can at least read it online.

Can't wait to see what all goes down.


Brent said...

Best Winter Olympic sports: First, the biathlon. Are you kidding me? Cross-country skiing combined with rifle shooting? Awesome.

Runner up: Curling. Stones & brooms!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Man, I know. Winter is the best. The luge is a favorite. There's a lot more crashing in the winter Olympics. Like Nascar.