Things I am happy about

- Hot showers. Wow. It was 53 this morning and our house has no heat...except for the hot water in the shower! Think of all the technological advances that proceeded the hot shower. Truly a modern marvel

- Coffee. Thank you Arab world for cultivating that magical bean. Or thank you African goat herder who discovered it. Either way I now buy it at a store and I really enjoy it.

- The kids sleeping in. This makes 2 days in a row that the kids have slept past 7. Woohoo! I mean, WE don't sleep anymore but, well, those of you who have kids understand. It's just nice.

- Guatemalan food. Pepian (what the CBC team had when they were here - chicken, sauce, rice, etc), black beans, crema...I'm learning how to make Guatemalans food. Every Friday we learn something new. It's GREAT. I'll make you some if you come visit.

- Candles. So the lights go out here once a week or so. But candles - wow. Not fancy but pretty darn reliable. And cheap. And romantic. Maybe cheap and romantic aren't supposed to go together, but this is my list. ;-)

- Good books. I just finished one and I am starting another that looks like it will be great. How cool that we can benefit from another person's ideas like that.

- Not living in the US right now. Man, I love the States, but every four years between July and November it gets pretty brutal. Although, we should be thankful that no one kills the candidates family members to prevent their election. That's pretty par-for-the-course here in Latin America.

- My wife. She MADE diapers for our kids. How awesome is that? She's just incredible.

- My children are up. I love their little faces in the morning.

Enjoy this day!

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Schweers' Mom said...

The kids sleeping late...that becomes a double-edged sword when you have a teenager that won't get up until LATE in the morning. I have one that still only sleeps till about 7am and another who sleeps until you make him get up. Since I am a mean mom and have plans for these sweet children so that they can have disciplined lives, I make him get up in the summer by 8-9am. One day he will love me for it. (Like when school gets back in session.)

I totally agree with your thanksgiving for the coffee bean. A miracle!