a needed boost

A view of the Xela valley where we live.

Nellie helping BabyM get a little drink

BoyD with his Blankie and a rock. Man he loves rocks.

I'd be lying if I told you that every day I jump up out of bed and run to study Spanish. Most days I'm pretty pumped. But some days I have to dig deep to fight off the waning desire and a few days I don't find much when I dig. Last week I was reminded of why we're doing all this.

We have made some dear friends here. Rene and Nellie live nearby in a town called Salcaja and they are moving in January to be nearer the people they are ministering to. They asked us if we would like to visit a CAM church near here that needs some help. So before language school one day we headed out to a town called San Francisco al Alto which is also home to the 2nd largest market in central America. Sorry for the random information...anyway, it was only a 45 or so minute drive. Nellie watched the kids while Jenny and I chatted for maybe 10 minutes with the pastor, and elder, and their wives.

And they wanted help. Money? No. A way to the U.S.? No. They wanted to know how to grow their church and how to teach children and youth, how to draw youth from their community into the church. Stuff you learn in school. School they cannot attend. Stuff that they are desperate to know.

And I realized how deeply I want to help the church here, the Church, the body of Christ, be effective in whatever ministry the Lord has for them. And I realized that I must know Spanish very, very well to do that. And I got a little kick in the pants. A gentle reminder of why it's important that I understand grammar and vocabulary and the meaning behind the words that make up the language people speak.

I sure need those little boosts. Off for another 5 hours of language fun!

Oh, and yes, the water for BabyM is purified. :-)


Schweers' Mom said...

Isn't God good to give us those little boosts just when we need it?? Beautiful scenery, by the way. I like it much better than the overall "brownish-green" we have here in North Texas in July.

Brandon and Jenny said...

The scenery is nice to be sure. Just don't drink the tap water!

Gerald said...

Sarah and I cannot wait to get down there for that very reason, all except for the kick in the pants, (sarah gives enough of those to me as it is)!!! How exciting to be presented with that need just off the cuff and on such a random trip. Praise God for His infinite wisdom and amazing plans!!