little pieces

We use our crock pot a lot. You put food in it at night or in the morning and you go about your business. Then, magically, 8 hours later, wonderful food. We do soup, beans, roast. It's really great for the tough little roasts we get here.

I was putting the thing back in the cupboard and the glass lid fell off and just shattered. Little pieces of tempered glass went everywhere. Only the metal ring on the outside of the lid held pieces bigger than an M&M. I was in bare feet and just looked around at the broken little pieces like ice strewn on a restaurant floor. And cursed.

Jenny was in the next room (wearing shoes) and went and got the broom and me some shoes and we commenced with the careful task of getting out of trouble. We had to brush my feet off before I put shoes on and then sweep and sweep and inspect and sweep some more - all those little pieces. And after all the little pieces were up I found other even littler pieces in the grout and against the wall - little shards hardly visible.

As I was sweeping the Lord reminded me that lives can do that too. One day you are just going along, putting up the silly crock pot, and one thing happens and shatter - your life is broken and strewn across the kitchen floor. And we need help to put the pieces back together. We can buy a new lid - or some kind of lid at least - but a life is not so simple. The Lord, though, knows how to put things back together. He knows where all the little pieces are. And He knows that we need other people to go and get our shoes.

But it's not a quick process, gathering shattered glass. It's careful work. And what we want to do is tell everyone to get away, don't come near the glass. But in reality, our need for one another is never greater than when we have a life in little pieces.

So to all of you out there sweeping things up - I'm really proud of you. Just getting over the shock of the lid breaking is enormous, but you have and now you are, with the Lord and other people, putting things back together again. Don't lose heart! Just keep letting the Lord put back one piece at a time.

One day you can use that crock pot again.


mutating missionary said...

Brandon. Don't know why - or even if I should - but I thought the connections were just too great. Back during divorce I wrote this little poem - wanted to share it with you.


My life is filled
with spatterings of glass
I look back and see
The wrong choices I made
The life I thought I’d lead.

The dreams I saw
were real only in
my mind.
The life was filled
with cracks.
I couldn’t see them swell.

The life was filled with pain
I can’t explain it!
I didn’t even see it!

I loved my life of glass
Until it broke apart
I loved my life of glass
Until it choked my heart.

Oh God! You are the Restorer
Restore my heart ---
But Oh God! Rebuild my
heart with your Rock
not my Glass!!

robyn rochelle eubanks
January 8, 1991

Mike Messerli said...

great post, thanks. I love how life becomes an object lesson. thanks for sharing this.