I'm sorry

I just saw the forecast for the DFW area for the next few days. Wow. I'm really sorry. It was 49 here this morning. Even people who like hot weather don't like it that hot. If that forecast was your body temp, you would all need an ice bath. Actually, that's not a bad idea. Here's something to help keep you cool and to remind you it won't be like this forever.

Last time I was in Texas it looked like this:

Just imagine yourself crunching through the snow. The cold air on your face. Snow falling against your cheeks. You reach up and grab a hunk of snow from a branch and take a bite. COLD against your lips.

Eating snow. Outside. In Texas! It's possible!

So, all you DFW people - go eat a really big sno-cone. I recommend Bahama Bucks. You can even order a yellow one.

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mutating missionary said...

We are actually in the 80's for the first time this year. It has been a delightful summer.. except of course when you are on a baseball field and you have to wrap up in 3 blankets and put an sun umbrella behind you on the groudn to protect you from the wind... hummmm in JULY ;-)
Friday here is predicted to be 92... a bit hot for no AC