Holy Smokes, Romans is a good book

I read through Romans 9-13 in language school today. Yesterday was 5-8. We'll finish it tomorrow. How incredible! The Lord is transforming my language teacher, Edna, right before my eyes. She understands grace! She really is getting it! When reading ch 3, "There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus" (...just read the whole thing for yourself - I mean the BOOK - go for it!) she said, "What does redemption mean?" I about stood up and shouted, "Glory!" So I spent awhile explaining things to her. If she is not a sister in Christ, she's gonna get there soon.

It's amazing how awesome God is. And I'm not doing anything you need a Seminary degree for. I'm just reading the Bible in stumbling Spanish and God is changing a life. 2 lives, really, because one cannot spend time in the Word in humility and not be changed.

And this is just the beginning. Oh, how awesome is the Lord that we can be a part of His transforming power. It's like being swept up in a tidal wave, except it's a good thing. So thank you for those of you praying for Edna - they are effective.

Goodness, I'm excited. Excited at the future, the present, because of the Lord and what He will do. I know that difficulties are ahead, but so is great joy and peace and hope and love. And according to Romans 8, such greater things than can be imagined are in store for those who have faith in Christ. Have you read that chapter? Yes? No? Good! Let's read it again. Get that Bible, turn off the tube, and spend 15 minutes reading and thinking about that passage. I dare you to do it! :-)

Wow. Ok. Off to study past and present participles. Woohoo!


jhh said...

Even though I get picked on for calling any verse my favorite (since at one time or another I've said that of so many,) in all candor when asked what's my favorite verse, I reply, "Romans 5."

What a blessing to watch God work through his word! Praying for your teacher and, as always, you and family.

Anonymous said...

I do not know of anything more rewarding than being used by God to lead someone to a true knowlwdge of who Christ is and what He has done.
I'm gonna go start reading Romans. He does rewand those who seek Him. M and D