A good book

This is not a new book to many of you. It says there are a million copies out there so this is not some old gem I dug up. But I am in the process of reading it and it couples closely with what I was talking about in the previous post. We have an inner world that, when the outer world becomes tumultuous, will either gird us up or collapse beneath the burden of life here on planet earth.

I really recommend it to anyone who desires to have or maintain integrity in your life. A good, good book. I look forward to putting what it says into practice. Or else I've wasted my time!

I hope you all have a marvelous day. I'm about to jump into 5 hours of language school. We stared Romans yesterday! WOW that book is complicated in Spanish.


Anonymous said...

vtnHi! It's Kris from CIT Teams Module... somehow I don't think my ministry related emails are getting through to you, but I've gotten a few of your. Glad you, Jenny and the fam are back on the field. I return to Portugal August 25. Feel free to check out my blog - www.teamportugal.blogspot.com

Do you get mail regularly where you are? If so, email me a snail mail address, please. Take care, Kris

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey Kris!! Great to hear from you! I'll e-mail you with our e-mail...jenny's has been having troubles.

I'll add your blog here if that's ok with you.

Snail mail is a little hard to get here. But I'll e-mail you with an address.

Schweers' Mom said...

Thanks for that book recommendation. I'm always looking for "new" reading material. I think that's the book that my friend, Mutating Missionary, has recommended.

By the way, love the new blog look.

AND...great story about Edna. What encouragement.